Ximena Vasconcelos was a character who first appeared in the tenth episode of the second season. She was a culebra and the lieutenant of Venganza Verdugo.


Ximena had a human lover who was a bullfighter but was killed in a march. She then killed that same bull that killed her lover.

At some point, Ximena started working for Venganza.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

In Santa Sangre, Ximena makes her known to Freddie Gonzalez and explains to him that her female lord wants Richard Gecko on the throne and also reveals to Freddie that she had a human lover who was killed by a bull. Ximena tells him to put the right Gecko brother on the throne.

Season ThreeEdit

In Head Games,

In La Reina,

In Protect and Serve,

In Shady Glen,

In Straightjacket,

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ximena has a slim but athletic build and wears elegant clothing. She has long dark, brown hair that she usually has in a bun or a ponytail and dark brown eyes.


Ximena is a down to business kind of woman and partially blames the disorder of the culebras on Freddie. She, however, is shown to associate with humans as she had a human lover who was a bullfighter and also because she doesn't want the balance to be turned upside down.




  • Ximena is a variant of Jimena, which is the form of Simeona in old Spanish. It means "listening" or "listener".
  • Vasconcelos is a habitational name from Vasconcelos, a town in Portugal.


  • The character was formerly credited as Lorena Vasconcelos in season two, but is now renamed as Ximena for season three.


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