Xibalba, also known as the Underworld or Hell, is ruled by Amaru who is a demon. It is also the realm the Nine Lords came from, and where other souls go.


It has been around for many millennia and is ruled by Amaru. It's also known that the Sun God, Brasa, traveled in the realm. It's said that culebras are at the bottom of the chain and considered slaves.

It's also revealed that there is a river of blood and Venganza bathed Amaru in it.

When Amaru gains her true form again, she begins to open the gateway to Xibalba. After her fight with Santanico, Kate goes through the gateway to get Richie. She comes back through and Amaru challenges her, she proceeds to rip open Amaru's chest and the souls she devoured come out. She is then sent back to Xibalba and the door closes.





  • Xibalba was the name of a character in the 2014 film, The Book of Life, starring Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana and Ron Perlman (who voiced Xibalba).

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