Warren Pritchard was a character who first appeared in the sixth episode in the first season. He was an associate of the Geckos.


Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In Place of Dead Roads, Warren is in a flashback of Richie's coming to find him and telling him about a new job with his brother. When he sees that Richie is out of sorts a little bit, he asks him if he is okay.

In Boxman,

Physical AppearanceEdit

Warren has green-hazel eyes and short, brown hair. He wore a black suit with a tie and shirt with stripes on it.






  • Warren comes from the Old French warenne (a warren, a game preserve) and means "park-keeper".[1]
  • Pritchard is a surname of Cornish and Welsh origin. It is an anglicized variation of the name Ap Richard, literally son of Richard.[2]


  • Jason Douglas is a voice actor who has done many anime, such as Attack on Titan, One Piece and Dragonball Z.


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