Tucker was a character who first appeared in the eighth episode of the second season. He was a culebra that worked for Carlos.


There is nothing known about his early history.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

He assists Maia in holding an innocent drifter so that Kate can spill his blood. After the drifter is killed, the stars are seen and Tucker looks up with the others. After that, he and the others arrive at Jacknife Jed's.

He witnesses Kate's death and he gets into the truck that is carrying the blood. He is stopped by Richie and they fight it out. Before anything else could happen, Richie places his palm on Tucker's head and commands him to kill himself, but Richie didn't know that this was his special culebra power at the time.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He had a tall, thick build and dressed in biker clothes. He was bald with a red-brown beard and blue eyes.


He was quiet, but he carried a stern and serious attitude. He was hostile especially when threatened and wasn't afraid to fight Richie.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Shapeshifting


  • Sunlight
  • Staked
  • Extraction
  • Decapitation




  • Tucker can be a given name or a surname. It comes from the English occupational name and means "fabric pleater".[1]


  • He was part of the biker gang, Culebros, alongside Maia.


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