The Titty Twister is used as a feeding ground and sacrificial rituals. The bar built on a temple that has existed for 1,000 years. In the 1800s, the bar went by the name "Twister Saloon".



The bar didn't yet exist. Instead , it was merely the temple that Santánico is shown in during the first season, after being turned.


In the 1800's, the Titty Twister went by 'Twister Saloon' but held the same function as it does the present. Santanico Pandemonium was a dancer, although a less experienced one at that.


Santánico started developing a telepathic link between herself and Richard Gecko, begging for him to "set her free" from her bond to the temple and the Lords. She is also working with Carlos and him bringing not just the brothers, but the Fullers as well.

After the group arrives, a frenzy begins and there are many casualties in both humans and culebras. It is shown that beyond the bar setting is a normal look of a temple, with traps, tunnels, doors, dark looking, etc.

The sun rises and it hits a disco ball, killing many of the culebras there. Santánico then leaves with Richie, while the other survivors go their separate ways. Carlos is sentenced to the labyrinth for his punishment.

After a few months pass, the bar doesn't have the same thrill as it did when Santánico danced, and Amancio arrives. He rips Narciso's face off and he goes to awaken The Regulator to retrieve her. Carlos is shown to have survived the labyrinth, but looks a bit crazed.

Carlos and Scott kill Narciso and blow up the Twister.






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