The Titty Twister, also known as La Tetilla del Diablo, was the feeding ground for the vampires, which lured bikers and truckers to the bar.



Around this era, Quixtla was running the bar and was going by La Tetilla del Diablo at the time. After Johnny, his gang, Esmeralda, the Newlies and Ambrose arrive, a frenzy begins and it is revealed that Esmeralda is in fact Quixtla's daughter and Santánico Pandemonium. She is then turned into a vampire and Quixtla is killed by her former lover, The Hangman. Quixtla is then killed and her daughter takes over, with Johnny and Ambrose being the only human survivors.


Santánico is the queen around these decades and over the many years, they have acquired dozens of vehicles that are dumped over behind the bar, revealing a temple, victims, and new converts.

In 1996, the Geckos and the Fullers arrive at the Twister to wait for Carlos the next morning. After some tension with some of the employees, they try to enjoy their time, but after Santánico finishes her dance, Richie is stabbed in the hand and the brothers show their guns everywhere. They shoot Chet Pussy, Razor Charlie and Big Emilio, thinking they killed them. They get back up, revealing themselves to be vampires and Santánico jumps on Richie, feeding on him. Seth shoots her off him, thinking he has killed her. The patrons in the bar begin running to get away, and the employees reveal that all of them are vampires, locking the bar's doors and a feeding frenzy begins. The remaining survivors kill many other vampires in the bar, with only Seth and Kate making it out.


The bar is seen when Luther Heggs goes in and makes a phone call to Buck about his situation. He tells Buck that the bartender, Razor Eddie, will be driving him to his car and help him out.





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