There Will Be Blood is the ninth episode of season two and the nineteenth episode of the series.


Santanico (Eiza Gonzalez) confronts Malvado (Esai Morales) with Seth’s (D.J. Cotrona) help, while Richie (Zane Holtz) and Kate (Madison Davenport) must stop Carlos (Wilmer Valderrama) and Scott (Brandon Soo Hoo) from overturning the ancient prophecy and taking control of a powerful evil.


The episode opens to a flashback in 1912 and we see a grizzled miner drinking. Three other men climb out of the hole where the oil rig is and they tell him that they are too tired to go on. The Prospector gives them a speech not to give up and look towards the future. Later at night, the prospector is striking the ground and he hears a gushing sound coming from it. He kneels down and swipes a finger and we see that it is blood. While on the outside of the rig, the three other miners hear the sound and that get excited because they think they struck rich with oil. One wipes some off his face and notices it isn't oil, but blood and the prospector appears behind them. He seen with blood all over him and with a pickaxe in hand. He tells them "Fear No More" and then hits the one miner in the head with axe. The prospector laughs maniacally and goes after the other two miners.


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  • This episode marks Demi Lovato's appearance as Maia.
  • Richie and Kate work together in this episode.
  • Paloma was turned into a culebra by Amancio and she was convinced she could take Santanico's place as queen and as a diosa (goddess).
  • Kate and Richie share a blood bond and he sees into her soul.
  • Amancio is killed by Santanico, who proceeds to disembowel him and rip his snake out, then kill his snake by slitting it with her weapon.
  • Richie references the 1973 film, The Exorcist, when he thought Kate was going to spew pea soup at him.
  • In his culebra form, Amancio is seen to look more snake-like and has outer blades in his arms for defense.
  • Kate was shot twice by Carlos after trying to get to the blood, but is seen still alive in Santa Sangre's promo.
  • There are two separate flashbacks, one in 1912 and the other in 2008.


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