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Transcript for Season Two Episode Eight - The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko

2x08 - The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko

Written by: Alvaro Rodriguez & Marcel Rodriguez, Directed by: Eduardo Sanchez

[The screen shows the sun set and various culebras. It then shows Santanico doing her dance and flashes to Seth, Richie, Freddie and Kate, and to the Estados Unidos sign. It then shows Narciso and the Nine Lords' lieutenants baring their fangs and them meeting their end. It then shows the back of Amancio standing, looking at the Twister with the fires blazing.]

Santanico: And now begins the ancient word. The sun sleeps below the sky, and the world turns upside down. In the night, we make our feast. For centuries, I danced for them, the blood-gatherer, the bringer of souls. I've brought them the lost ones, the troubled ones, the desperate ones...Now I am free, and the world turns upside down again. They are thirsty for revenge, and nothing will stop them. No boundaries, no borders. They will come for me, but I am coming for them. Their empire of blood will fall, and I will not rest until it all burns.

[A biker is seen riding the road and it shows they are wearing a jacket that reads "Culebros", with a snake going through a snake. It then flashes to Jacknife Jed's and the biker then walks into a room with the Arbiter. The biker is carrying a bag that has some blood dripping and throws the bag on Amancio's desk. The Arbiter then leads the biker out and Amancio opens the bag, seeing Narciso's decapitated head.]

Amancio: Narciso. (in Spanish) I told you not to lose your head.

[Out in the middle of some dirt and rocks, the biker returns and signals to Carlos that she delivered the head to Amancio. Aiden is seen with cloth around his head and is looking through a camera.]

Carlos: Malvado got the message. We gotta move, professor. I can't stand out here forever.

Aiden: Almost there. Rituals have rules, compañero. You want results, you don't go messin' with the rules, homey.

[Scott is in the car looking at a tablet and waits for a connection and when he gets it, he gets out of the car and goes in the winnebago. Kate is seen looking out the window and sees Kate come in.]

Kate: What are they doing out there?

Scott: You wouldn't understand.

[Kate looks at him and Aiden then walks in, taking off the cloth around his head, and clearly seen struggling to take it off.]

Aiden: Whoo. (groans) Pain in the ass. You sure this Wi-Fi's gonna reach?

Scott: Chill. This thing's got better range than my house.

Aiden: (Aiden has the tablet and looks at it when the website for Alamo University pops up) Well, all right. Most people don't know, but my great-great grandpappy endowed all of his papers to the university. Kinda helped me get my position, if you what I mean. (The connection goes and he sees the carving of the ritual) Bingo. (laughs) Those last four bonds did the trick. (He puts his hands together like a prayer and goes to reach for Kate) Thank you very much, Katie-cakes.

Kate: (pushes his hand away and points her finger at him) Don't ever call me that.

Aiden: Excuse me. You kids ready for a little culebra-oke?

[They walk out and we see two other Culebros holding down a man who has a thin cloth around his mouth. Aiden gets a knife out and holds it out for Kate.]

Aiden: It's not obsidian, but it'll do the trick.

Kate: No!

Aiden: "When innocent blood sheds innocent blood, the heavens will part, and the day will turn to night, and the chosen will be given the gift of sight". You are the innocent, I am the chosen. Those are the rules.

Kate: No, I...I can't.

Scott: You said you wanted to help me. Just do it.

[Kate grabs the knife from Aiden and walks towards the man, while Carlos, Scott and Aiden watch, and the man is whimpering.]

Kate: (whispers) I'm sorry.

[Kate is hesitant in wanting to kill the man and Scott then holds her arm and "helps" her push the knife in the man's heart. She yelps and the others look at the sky.]

Aiden: Look to the sky.

Scott: Oh, man. Kate, are you seeing this?

[The sky is night with the stars out and when Kate turns, it is still daylight out.]

Aiden: Stay on target, stay on target... (the camera captures the line up of the stars) Bam! (laughs) This isn't about just one soul, Kate. It's about a thousand souls, screaming out in the night.

[Kate looks at him and watches him mark a spot on the map, which shows where the blood well is.] [theme music plays and credits roll]

[The Geckos are in their car watching Balthazar and his men loading cargo on a truck.]

Seth: You sure this is the best way in?

Richie: Yes.

Seth: Then what are we waiting for?

Richie: Sundown, you idiot.

[Richie and Seth are then seen walking towards the warehouse and they talk after a culebra's various power.]

Richie: This may come as a shock to you, but I have yet to reach my full potential.

Seth: I'm stunned. Richard, if this is some legend-of-the-brothers bullshit, please spare me the song and dance.

Richie: Nah, man. I'm talking about my wayob.

Seth: Your wa-what?

Richie: My wayob. My extra power. Every culebra's got one. You know, Santanico's got the wings, Carlos can apparently crush you like a boa constrictor. (Seth then interrupts him)

Seth: You want to know what my superpower is? Not fuckin' this up for us.

Richie: Oh, there's an us? I thought we were just doin' this for Uncle Eddie.

Seth: We are. But you want what you want, and I want what I want. The best way to get that is to keep our eyes on the prize and not get distracted. You got the code or what?

(Beeping) (Two men come up to them and bare their fangs at them. Richie in returns does the same as well and Seth stares at him. They hit the two culebras and spot Balthazar Ambrose.)

[The Geckos, Balthazar, Winchester Greely, Santanico and Sonja are in Greely's office.]

Balthazar: I'm sorry, Mr. Greely. I'm really sorry.

Winchester: Sorry's not gonna cut the mustard, Balthazar. It's the second time in a month my operation's been compromised, and by the same clown squad, no less.

Sonja: Well, who you callin' a clown, Colonel Sanders?

Winchester: The people who think they're going to take down Jacknife Jed's.

Seth: Malvado's the collector, and you owe him your tribute. When you deliver, we come in as your crew, he's not gonna see us coming.

Winchester: Well, I do have to say that you two are easier on the eyes than these two paperback rejects.

Seth: So you know who we are?

Winchester: Oh yeah. I know this...tall drink of water too. (looks at Santanico) Why couldn't you have just stayed where you were, like a good girl? (Santanico looks at him with a stern looks and Greely realizes why) Oh. You still have his taste in your mouth after all these years, don't you? I bet it never goes away, even in your dreams.

Santanico: My dreams are about to become his nightmares.

Winchester: Yeah? Payback's like your first lay. It plays better in your head. Gonna kill a Lord, are you?

Santanico: I can kill him. But I need your help.

Winchester: And for my help, I get what? Flayed alive and turned into a saddle? I don't think so. (he gets up but Santanico puts him back in his seat and they cock their guns.) Hello.

Richie: We checked your books. You paid 38 percent of your profits to him last year. Between Malvado and Uncle Sam, you're getting skinned to the bone.

Winchester: You waving the people's flag at me, boy?

Santanico: You see, things are changing, Mr. Greely. You can join the revolution, or you can rot in the past.

Winchester: Revolutions are overrated. (Santanico vamps out and growls, while Sonja watches) Then, again, I like to think of myself as a compassionate conservative. (Greely then flashes his eyes, revealing himself to be a culebra, which Santanico then smiles at.) I'm going to need a new number two.

Balthazar: What? Mr. Greely, look. I... (Richie puts his hand on Balthazar and keeps him down)

Richie: Yeah, we're gonna need a couple of things, too.

Winchester: Like what?

Seth: Meat wagon. Chilled.

[Colt and another culebra are loading the meat wagon with some packages, while Seth and Sonja go over a map.]

Seth: Okay. Map says diesel repair is the way in, so we're gonna start there, all right? (sees the men stacking the packages) Hey, don't stack those all together just yet, Hopalong. All right? We gotta make sure we got room for her box.

Colt: Well, we'll mark it, pretty boy. The name's Colt.

Seth: Got it, Little Joe.

Colt: Before this is over, I'm gonna sink my teeth in your five o'clock shadow.

Seth: Buy me a drink first. (Colt smirks and Sonja comes over and gets between Seth and the culebras)

Sonja: Okay. Go do some work. Somewhere else. Go. (Sonja gives Seth an I.D. and he sighs) What?

Seth: I just don't trust those snakes. Yes, I know Richie's one of 'em, but I...get a bad vibe just looking at 'em, you know?

Sonja: (chuckles) Okay, well, don't look at them. Focus on the score. Okay, let's go.

[In a different room, Richie and Santanico talk while he is preparing the temperature for her box.]

Richie: Malvado couldn't sense me, but he might feel you comin'. You gotta shut down. The truck'll cool your body to 34 degrees.

Santanico: What about the plan? (Richie gets up)

Richie: Greely and I go see the man. Seth and Sonja are gonna get you down below. This things kicks in and warms you up.

Santanico: You think it'll work?

Richie: It'll work. You'll be right and ready in 15 minutes tops. Greely and I get him in his office, he's all blown away, handshakes and huggin', you pop in, do your thing.

Santanico: What about the weapons?

Richie: Already planted.

Santanico: I can't believe it ends tonight. (the temperature gauge beeps. He then hooks her up in the box that's in the truck.)

Richie: All right. We're set. After we kill Malvado, his men are gonna fight over his tribute.

Santanico: Let them. They'll eat each other alive, but whatever happens, Richard, don't let Malvado in your head.

Richie: I won't. (He then pulls her to him and then kisses her.)

(Engines rev and the truck and cars then go out.)

[Seth and Richie stop over on the side of the road and approach the trunk of the car. They open it and Balthazar is seen inside tied up.]

Seth: Hiya. (Balthazar is shouting, but it is muffled by the gag.) Do your thing. (Richie then vamps out and drains Balthazar of blood. He then takes his appearance.) Let's go to work.

[They then drive and the screen then switches to Santanico who is now in freezing conditions in the box.]

[The Greely meat truck and Winchester's truck then drive into Jacknife Jed's. Seth goes to the diesel goon section and breathes hard as he is stopped by a guard, Cristobal. Colt and the other culebra are seen standing in front of the box Santanico is in, who is still in freezing temperatures, and we then see Winchester's truck park in a lot.]

Richie (as Balthazar): It's a nice ride. Quiet.

Winchester: You're the only noise I hear.

Richie (as Balthazar): Good, you can hear me. So listen. I call the shots. Do what I say, you make out like a bandit.

Winchester: Just hold on to your face, Mr. Gecko, or Malvado will rip it right the hell off. Remember, the waitress's name is Alice. She doesn't like you. It's a long story. And dial down that cock-of-the-walk strut once you hit the barnyard. (Winchester grabs a book off the top and Richie comes back as himself.)

Richie: Why's that?

Winchester: Lead man doesn't cotton to prima donnas. Likes things clean and neat. And he's very hands-on. (Winchester then walks out of the truck and they head towards the entrance of Jacknife Jed's.)

Alice: Winchester Greely. How long has it been?

Winchester: Precisely 364 days.

Alice: Welcome.

Winchester: Thank you.

Alice: I'll get you your usual. Balthazar.

Richie (as Balthazar): Alice. (Winchester and Richie then follow Alice and they walk in a room with the Arbiter in it. Alice walks out, and Richie goes to shake hands, but the Arbiter flinches back.)

[When the Arbiter refuses to shake hands, Richie pulls his hand back and stands next to Winchester. They then take a seat, while the Arbiter stares at Richie with unease.]

Winchester: Arbiter. It's always an honor to take a seat at your table.

Arbiter: Less taking, more giving. (Winchester gives the book to Arbiter while he looks through it.)

Winchester: There's a truck waiting outside with all my tribute. Just need the green light from you.

[Alice is in Malvado's underground office and she tells him about Greely.]

Alice: Greely's here. Little late.

Amancio: He's late every year. Just let me know when you hear from Carlitos.

Alice: Sure thing.

[Arbiter is finished looking at the book and congratulates Greely.]

Arbiter: You had a good year. Tell me.

Winchester: Wonderful, we've branched out...

Arbiter: Not you. Him. (Richie points at himself and then talks.)

Richie (as Balthazar): All due respect, sir, the glory belongs to Lord Malvado.

Arbiter: Your mouth to the Lord's ears. (Arbiter then goes in his inside pocket and grabs a bag.) Runes of the roads, my friends. They are the judges. (He pulls out an individual road and explains them as he sets them on the table.) The White Road, smooth and clear. Your tribute pleases the Lord. The Red Road, your debt is dear. Blood must be given. The Yellow Road, a gift returned. Fortune shines upon you. The Black Road, your soul is burned. (While Arbiter is explaining the Roads, the screen flashes between Seth, Sonja, Santanico and the Arbiter.) I trust that is self-explanatory.

Richie: What's the Brown Road? Hershey Highway? (Arbiter looks at him, and Winchester does as well with displeasure at his joke.)

[The Arbiter closes his eyes and opens them with his snake eyes appearing. His two other extra hands appear and all four hands grab the runes. He then tosses and mixes them up, and lays his hand down.] [Seth then checks his watch as he and Sonja wait.] [Winchester leans over and picks the farthest hand on the left and it is the White Road. Richie looks assured and Arbiter hands the Road to Winchester. His eyes switch back and Cristobal then lets Seth and Sonja in.]

Sonja: Look at that. Easy peasy.

Seth: Too easy.

Sonja: Freight elevator. That's gotta be the way down there. (Sonja points out the elevator and Seth looks that way. He then sees a loader coming near the truck and he gets out with a clipboard in his hand.]

Seth: Shit. Yo! (whistles) Hey! I need you to check my list.

Diesel Loader: (in Spanish) Give it to the boss.

Seth: No, no, no! I need you to do it, okay?

Diesel Loader: El jefe...

Seth: Buddy, I got four deliveries today, okay? I don't have time. Ten seconds, all right? Come on. (He gives him the clipboard and the two walk away from the truck.)

[We then go to the bottom of the truck and we hear chains rattling, revealing Freddie has joined in on the plan. He goes over to where the loading part is and the door to the truck opens. Freddie gives them the go and they look at him.]


Seth: Okay, now, the trick to gun cleaning is you gotta use a lot of... (A gun cocks and Seth looks to see that Freddie has one gun aimed at Sonja and the other at Seth) Son of a bitch.

Freddie: Hands where I can see 'em. You too, sweetheart.

Sonja: Who's this asshole?

Richie: The thorn in our side. (Richie has a gun up to Freddie's head)

Freddie: I just wanna talk. I want in on Jacknife Jed's.

Seth: Shoot him, Richard.

Richie: You know about that?

Seth: How the fuck did you find us?

Freddie: I knew about your uncle from your file. Been following you guys since you buried him yesterday.

Richie: You want in on Jacknife's? They've got sodas, beers, gummy worms. You know, kinda like Benny's, but, you know, uh, no dead father figures lyin' on the floor. (imitates Earl's voice) Send them boys to hell, Frederico.

Freddie: Look, you guys wanna take out Malvado, rob him blind, go ahead. It's only gotta help me do what I gotta do.

Seth: Which is what?

Freddie: He's got something that's gonna put us all in a world of trouble. I gotta get it back.

Richie: No dice, homeslice.

Seth: Shoot him, Richard.

Freddie: Okay, look. Listen. I don't care how much you cased that truck stop, I'm willing to bet you don't know what's underneath. I got a map.

Richie: Bullshit.

Freddie: I got it from Malvado's brother. Kill me, you're lost down there. Take me with you, we all get what we want. (Richie then looks at Seth and they contemplate the decision. They then get out the map.)

{End of Flashback}

[Freddie looks around one more time and then heads to the other room. Sonja and Seth then look back at the truck while the culebras unload it. Freddie is seen stowing away on the elevator shaft.]

[The Arbiter walks with Winchester and Richie into an elevator shaft. It then switches to a man, Cristobal, looking at the crates with the meat and Santanico in it. He has a big crowbar in his hands and before he opens it, Seth goes up to him.]

Seth: Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Easy, dude. Be careful with that. Anybody's gonna answer for this stuff, it's gonna be me. Okay? (Cristobal gives him an angry stare) Why don't you just let my guys handle the merchandise. Do they Botox your face, or are you always this cheerful? (Cristobal then starts breaking the door apart) Okay, man, go ahead. If your boss likes his Wagyu untouched by human hands, just stay away from this crate, all right? It's prime cuts. (Cristobal then goes over and plies the crate open.) Yo! What did I just say? (In the crate it is shown that it is just meat. Sighs) I told you. Now, let's get these down below, okay?

[Seth, Sonja, Colt and the other culebra then go to the elevator shaft and they then walk out where all of Malvado's gold and money is at.]

Colt: You got ten minutes to unload all your stuff. Hurry up.

[They look at the valuables and Seth walks up to another door and wipes his hand over the window. He then sees more crates.]

Seth: Jackpot.

[Carlos, Scott, Kate, Aiden, Maia and another culebra arrive at Jacknife Jed's in their respective cars and they get out of them. Carlos, Scott and Kate walk into Malvado's office and towards his desk.]

Carlos: In some cultures, they cut the head off the messenger who brought the bad news. Well, I saved you the trouble.

Amancio: You killed Narciso and destroyed the Twister. I can only assume to come to repent. (Carlos goes in his jacket pocket and pulls something out and puts his hand over Malvado's.) What's this? (Carlos opens his hand and reveals that he had nothing in it.)

Carlos: I was gonna give a fuck, but I'm all out of fucks to give.

Amancio: It's taken you 500 years to make your move. What does that say about you? You came here in a wooden boat with worms in your belly. I'm born of a god.

Carlos: But I got your attention, don't I?

Amancio: And I'll have your face.

Carlos: You used el rinche to get the key. I used el rinche to get the map.

Amancio: (looks at Carlos, Scott and Kate) You've read the stars.

Carlos: I found the well. Hand over the key. It's the only way I release those souls. A thousand souls. Now, that's the only way that you get into El Rey. (notices Amancio's reaction) Oh, yes, jefe. I know your travel plans. (walks around a little) Well, tick-tock, tick-fucking-tock. You don't got much time, if you want to fulfill the prophecy.

Amancio: I don't believe in that nonsense.

Carlos: No, but someone has to take over the empire. The gods won't let you leave the table without someone at the head. You need a leader. And that's why you pitted me against Narciso. (acknowledges Narciso's decapitated head on the desk) And, well, I won. (Amancio looks at Narciso's head and looks towards Kate)

Amancio: Who's this? (He walks towards Kate and passes Carlos who looks at him. Scott tries to block him from Kate, and glares at him) And this one? Looks like a fighter. (He then picks up some of Kate's hair and smells it)

Carlos: Don't change the subject. You are the pochteca. Time to make a deal.

Amancio: (looks at Kate and then Carlos) Deals can be sweetened.

Carlos: It's simple. I give you what you need, you give me what I want.

Amancio: And what's that?

Carlos: Everything. I have outsmarted every Lord...and you. I have earned this, all of this, and when I have it, there will be a new era...A new era unlike this world has ever seen.

Amancio: (chuckles) Gallego! Just when I thought it was impossible for you to become a bigger asshole.

Carlos: Just give me the key, or you won't see paradise.

Amancio: (thinks for a few seconds and then gestures at Kate) Sweeten the deal. Leave her.

Carlos: (looks at Kate for a few seconds while she is looking at him and makes his decision) She's yours. (Kate looks defeated, while Scott objects)

Scott: No! She's coming with us. (Carlos puts up his hand and walks towards the two)

Carlos: Where is it?

Amancio: The chultún. Three levels down. (walks towards his desk)

Kate: Go, Scott.

Scott: You kidding me?

Kate: He needs that blood just as much as you do. And if anything happens to me, he's never gonna see any of it. Besides, it's not me he wants, it's her. (Amancio is seen smelling Santanico's shirt that has her blood on it and has a weary look.)

Scott: Yeah, but I can't leave you with him.

Kate: I paid a very high price to get you here, Scott. And I want you to go. (Scott and Carlos then leave, while Scott is concerned about her. Amancio then smirks and turns around, and Kate has her arms crossed. He walks towards her.)

Amancio: It is customary for tribute of flesh to tremble before the Lord.

Kate: I'm not scared of you. (He looks at her and then looks over and Alice then appears, gagging Kate)

Amancio: You should be. (echoing) You should all be.

[Richie (as Balthazar), Winchester and Arbiter are walking down a hallway]

Richie (as Balthazar): This place is a goddamn maze. I don't dig mazes. (as Richie is talking, Arbiter is seen extended his claws and scraping them across the wall)

Winchester: Shhh...

[They are led into a room that has torture devices everywhere. They then turn around to face Arbiter.]

Winchester: We had the white stone.

Arbiter: Look again. (Winchester then puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out the black stone. They look at him with disgust and two other men then appear. Richie then morphs back into his old self and fixes his tie) Did you really think you could bring that stinking whore in here and we wouldn't smell it?

[Santanico is seen still in the crate with blood packages still pumping for her. One of Winchester's men is seen carting the crate around. Sonja is looking through a box and looks at Seth while he is directing Colt. She then walks over to Santanico's crate and cuts the wire]

Seth: Put it right over there on the right. Make sure you don't block the door. When that opens, it'll screw us.

Sonja: (to herself) She's here.

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