The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko is the eighth episode of season two and the eighteenth episode of the series.


As the pieces of the big job fall into place, the uneasy trust between brothers and partners crumbles in the light of the betrayals and new loyalties.


A biker is seen riding down the road and the jacket she is wearing says "Culebros". She walks in Amancio's office with the Arbiter and throws a bag that has some blood leaking from it. The Arbiter leads her out and Amancio opens the bag, seeing that it's Narciso's head. In Spanish, he says that he told him not to lose his head.

Aiden is seen looking through some lens in the sunlight and Carlos is standing next to him saying that he can't be out in the day forever. Scott is looking for a connection in the Wi-Fi and when he gets it, he goes in the winnebago and Kate asks him what's going on. He tells her she wouldn't understand and Aiden comes in and takes off the cover of his face. He asks Scott if the connection can work and Scott tells him it's better than at his house. Aiden thanks Kate for giving him the last four bonds and calls her "Katie-Cakes" and before he touches her, she tells him not to call her that. He looks up the Alamo University and tells them that his great-great grandfather endowed all his papers to the university and he finds the old carvings for the ritual. They go outside and two other masked culebras hold an unnamed drifter down. Aiden pulls out a knife and holds up to Kate, who refuses to kill the man, and Aiden states that "innocent blood must shed innocent blood", and Scott tells her to do it if she wants to help him. She grabs the knife and walks over to the man, who is shaking his head no and is clearly frightened. She hesitates as she goes to him and Aiden speaks the word that is required. Scott then forces Kate to shove the knife in the man's heart and Scott, Carlos and Aiden look at the sky. Stars appear and Aiden captures a picture of the lineup of the stars, which leads to where the blood well is. Aiden tells Kate that it isn't about one soul, but a thousand screaming out in the night.


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  • Richie betrays the others to take Amancio's throne as he wants the culebras to prosper and fulfill his heart's desires.
  • Aiden, Scott, Maia, and Carlos have completed another part of the prophecy as they have seen the stars because of an innocent killing another innocent.
  • Sonja's death was foreshadowed in Attack of the 50 Ft. Sex Machine, as Seth was hallucinating her heart being out, and in this episode, he shot her in the heart.
  • Sonja is revealed to have been in league with Carlos and Amancio, but wanted the best for her and Seth. She also states that Eddie's death wasn't meant to happen.
  • Carlos makes a deal with Amancio for everything and the key, by giving him Kate.
  • Freddie is buried alive by Carlos, who was assisted by Scott, Maia, an unnamed culebra and Aiden.
  • Chris Osborn, the actor who played Colt, played a vampire in the CW shows, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.


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