The Arbiter was a character who first appeared in the seventh episode of the second season. He was a culebra who was a high ranked member beside Amancio Malvado at Jacknife Jed's. He is seen to have four arms when he needs them to appear.


There isn't anything known about his early history.

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Season TwoEdit

In Bring Me the Head of Santanico Pandemonium, he is walking with Amancio to the table Seth is at and asks Seth to stand. He searches him and it is then seen he can have two other arms. He tells Amancio everything's clear as a whistle and stands while the two talk. Before these events, he is seen in the back asking Eddie what he is doing and Eddie acts as though he couldn't find the bathroom, and the Arbiter directs him where to go, while still watching him as he leaves.

In The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko,

In There Will Be Blood,

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The Arbiter is shown to be loyal to Amancio and to be very subservient. He also displays a sadistic side, taking sick joy out of flaying others alive and roasting their flesh.

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  • In a definition, arbiter is a person who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matter.
  • Gabriel Gutierrez is the brother of EP and staff writer, Diego Gutierrez.

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