Straitjacket is the sixth episode of season three and the twenty-sixth episode of the series.


Richie wakes up in an abandoned asylum after being abducted; Seth goes to save Richie.


Five months ago, Kate/Amaru is shown at the psychiatric institution where she is shown killing the staff by assimilation. In Xibalba, Richie is shown being dragged by a group of men into a portal door then he is shown waking up in the same psychiatric institution where Kate was held five months ago; he informs Seth and the group to his location only to be revealed as a trap where they are locked in different locations of the institution including killing a forgotten inmate; Gonzalez and Ximena are revealed to be in a relationship; Amaru persuades Richie to sacrifice Ximena in order to fulfill her plan, however he persuades her that it would better to take Seth instead; another confrontation starts after Gonzalez attempts to save Seth, however he is possessed also and kills Ximena. Seth saves Richie by setting him on fire bringing him back to normal including somehow Gonzalez who notices Ximena's ashes much to his anger.


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  • Ximena admits to Freddie she loves him before she is ultimately killed by him while he was being controlled by Richie's ability.
  • Amaru set a massacre upon the mental facility through Terrance and wants Richie to kill Seth, Scott, Aiden, Burt and Ximena.


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