Shady Glen is the fifth episode of season three and the twenty-fifth episode of the series.


Seth and his team protect civilians from cannibal attacks.


When Brasa releases a swarm of cannibalistic locusts, a neighborhood named, “Shady Glen” is attacked by the mysterious insects including possessing civilians while the Gecko brothers also face another threat in the form of Earl McGraw’s daughter, Dakota who is out for her own revenge for her father’s death. The team manages to trace the source of the attacks to the local sewer; Dakota joins the group and Seth is possessed by the insects. Later on, Tanner, Burt, and Scott manages to trace the source in the sewer in the form of a queen creature as the three destroy the creature and return the town to normal. Amaru and Brasa manage to hold a mother and her son hostage as bait when Richie, Gonzalez, and Ximena track them down leading to another confrontation by both groups then Richie being paralyzed by Amaru then taken by her and Brasa.


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  • Earl was mentioned. He was last seen in Bizarre Tales in a flashback.
  • Margaret and Billie are mentioned and seen in a photograph.

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