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Sex Machine was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn. He was a vampire that had turned both Frost and Jacob, but eventually turned into a rat like creature and is killed by Kate.


Nothing is known about his history prior to the film.

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In From Dusk Till Dawn,

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sex Machine wore all black clothing attire, with a leather jacket, sleeveless shirt and pants. He had messy, medium length black hair, a mustache and a small beard. He also had a gun holster on his crotch. After transforming into a vampire, he had sharp claws and a monstrous face. He then transformed into a rat like creature walking on two legs with sharp teeth.


Sex Machine was blunt, but friendly towards the survivors of the bar. He seemed to have a sense of humor to him as well. As he was discovering his vampire transformation, he was trying to hide it and after fully transforming, he becomes cold and uncaring towards the remaining survivors, becoming bloodthirsty and ruthless.



  • Sex Machine and Frost (Allies)
  • Sex Machine and Seth Gecko (Former Allies/Enemies)
  • Sex Machine and Kate Fuller (Former Allies/Enemies/She killed him)
  • Sex Machine and Jacob Fuller (Former Allies/He turned Jacob)
  • Sex Machine and Scott Fuller (Former Allies/Enemies)



  • Tom Savini is the third actor from the film series to appear in the television series, following Robert Patrick and Danny Trejo.
  • His real name was never revealed.


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