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So these are the legendary brothers who think they can defeat the underworld.
Calavera/Cristobal to Seth & Richard in Head Games

The relationship between Human Seth Gecko and Culebra Richie Gecko. Seth and Richie are brothers, criminals and the Lords of collecting tribute. Richie and Seth built a team to defeat the Queen of Hell: Amaru and to save Kate Fuller.

At the end of Season Three they are back at robbing banks together with Kate.


Seth and Richie were born one year apart, their mother left when they were young leaving them with their abusive father. Richard adopted a dog named Peaches, who Seth was forced to kill by their dad considering it a teachable moment, Seth lied to Richie about the dog telling him it ran away. One night Richard was done seeing his brother hurt by their dad and set him on fire after their father's death, the Gecko brothers went to live with their adoptive uncle, Eddie Cruickshank who taught them how to be criminals.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit


Season TwoEdit


Season ThreeEdit



Trivia Edit

  • Seth and Richard are one year apart.
  • Both have a close relationship with Kate Fuller.
  • Richie was the one who broke Seth out of prison.
  • The Gecko brothers are apart of a prophecy known as the Maya hero twins where that defeat the underworld.
  • Their Mother left them at a young age.
  • Richard and Seth got their first black suits on the day of their father's funeral.
  • Richie killed their father to protect Seth from his abuse.

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