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Scott Fuller, Also known as JianJun, is the adoptive son of Jacob and Jennifer Fuller, and the adoptive younger brother of Kate Fuller. and was turned in a Culebra by Carlos. while inside the Titty Twister


Scott was born in China as JianJun, but he was adopted by the Fullers and came to live in Bethel with them.

Years later, he went to the high school and became a lacrosse player, but ended getting bullied by some and he had some rather dangerous thoughts about what he wanted to do to them.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a Chinese descent teenager with short, black hair and brown eyes.


He cares about his family and doesn't want to be without them. He has an outspoken personality and isn't afraid to say what is on his mind. Despite Scott's sense of heroism, he has a lot of anger and potential darkness in him as hinted by both Richie and Carlos (the latter whom is taken aback.) It is also revealed that despite his love for his family, he feels like an outcast.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Special Power- Scott's special power was revealed while he was fighting Amaru. When attacked, Scott's skin shape-shifts into a reptilian-like shell that protected him physically as well as from Amaru's soul extraction ability.


  • Martial arts- Scott is one of the most gifted Culebras in the martial arts. He is skilled enough to fight his foes with and without swords.


Scott possess all the standard weaknesses of a Culebra.




  • JianJun
  • Scott
  • Fuller


  • Scott is adopted.
  • Scott's special culebra power is shapeshifting into reptilian-like shell.


  • Kate Fuller and Scott Fuller (Siblings)
  • Scott Fuller and Jacob Fuller (Family)
  • Scott Fuller and Seth Gecko (Allies)
  • Scott Fuller and Richie Gecko (Allies)
  • Scott Fuller and Carlos Madrigal (Enemies)
  • Scott Fuller and Aiden Tanner


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