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Scott Fuller, Also known as JianJun, was a character who first appeared in the second episode of the first season and a main character. He was the adoptive son of Jacob and Jennifer Fuller, and the adoptive younger brother of Kate Fuller. and was turned in a culebra by Carlos while inside the Titty Twister.


Scott was born in China as JianJun, but he was adopted by the Fullers and came to live in Bethel with them.

Years later, he went to the high school and became a lacrosse player, but ended getting bullied by some and he had some rather dangerous thoughts about what he wanted to do to them.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

In Blood Runs Thick,

In Mistress,

In Let's Get Rambling,

In Self Contained, the Fullers and the Geckos are seen making a getaway to the road to the Mexican border. When Richie calls him "Bruce Lee", Scott says he's Chinese. Scott makes plan to get rid of them and he tells Kate to make a ruse so he can get Richie's gun. Richie claims he can see that Scott is not what he seems and neither is Jacob. When Kate tells a prayer, Scott grabs a gun and when Richie opens his eyes, Seth has his gun aimed at Scott as well and Scott has the gun aimed at Richie's head. When Seth tells him he's nervous as he doesn't have a calm grip like Seth and that he shouldn't become like him, he puts the gun down and all end up in a little mishap with the car in front of them. When they knock the guy out, Scott goes out and get in the man's car so the guards wouldn't search. When he's in the car, he puts music on and says everything will be cool, a guard comes up and asks about his purpose and his information, Scott gets a little nervous and the guard asks him to get out of the car and come with him. He is put in a room and when Carlos comes in disguised as a guard, he says he didn't do anything and when asked about the Geckos, he asks what he means and is told he is a good boy. When Carlos touches him, he says that he's glad he isn't his lacrosse team, which Scott is puzzled about. He gets back on board of the RV and after crossing the border, Scott is sitting with his family in the back and they then arrive at the Twister. They all get out and they stare at the spectacle that is outside the bar.

In Place of Dead Roads, he and the others are finally at the Titty Twister. Scott, his family and the Geckos walk up to the door while watching the doorman do his thing. When the doorman calls Kate "cherry pie" and walks toward her, he gets in front like Jacob and Seth hits him, giving him a bloody nose, and they all walk in. Scott sees an attractive stripper walking near him and he acts cool. When that becomes an epic fail, Richie comes over and he tells him he'll get him a girl. After getting accepted into the bar, they sit at a table and Seth orders drinks. He plays a game about telling a deep secret nobody would know, and when he asks Kate, Scott tries to tell him that he knows one, but Seth tells him she has to say it. He then says he saw her and Kyle smooch in the church. After the others get up and go somewhere else, Scott is seen drinking shots and Jacob tells him to stop, but he doesn't. After Seth, Kate and Richie sit back down at the table, Carlos is introducing the act, he is seen listening and after he finishes talking, Santanico appears.

In Pandemonium,

In La Conquista,

In Boxman,

In The Take,

In Opening Night, he has a chain around his neck and acts like a pet for Narciso and sits near him. He makes a remark and Narciso pulls on his chain really hard. He then watches as Amancio as rips off Narciso's face and is shocked.

In In a Dark Time, Scott is chained up and has a collar around his neck and he sees Carlos come out. He is shocked he is still alive and when he thinks that Carlos is trying to kill him, Carlos breaks the chain and sets Scott free. Afterwards, Scott is present with Amancio, Narciso and Carlos trying to figure out what some of the bonds mean. Carlos tells them that it is a map and they all think the labyrinth has turned him crazy. Amancio tells them to find Aiden so he can tell them what the bonds mean since they can't figure some parts out. Carlos and Scott find Aiden and when they get closer to coming out, Narciso shows up and tells them to hand Aiden over as he doesn't want Carlos to replace him and wants the credit. Scott tries to fight, but Carlos tells him to put the stake down and give Aiden to Narciso. Scott finally relents and Aiden goes with him. Narciso is seen standing and looking at the bonds and tells Scott he can hear him. Scott asks him how he can rise up and Narciso tells him he needs to do something worthy. Scott asks what he can do and Narciso tells him to kill Carlos. Scott is seen sneaking up behind Carlos and Carlos reveals that he is hurt after seeing the potential in Scott that he would turn on him, to which Carlos turns around and turns into his culebra form with gold teeth sprouting out now. Scott then runs off afraid of what is going to happen.

In The Best Little Horror House in Texas, he confronts Kate in the Fuller home and tells her he's been wondering when she would come back. They talk and he later runs off even when she tries to tell him she can help him control his hunger and need to kill. He later shows at the cabin where J.D., Derek and a few other lacrosse players are at and he decides to party with them. They drink and when fire comes towards him, it is shown that he can have his hand on fire, which amazes him and the guys. Jessica and her friends arrive, and she and Scott go into another room. She tells him that she knew that he was looking through a tiny crack in the door and watching Jessica and Kate talk. She tells him Kate said he was dangerous and asks him if he is. He and Jessica then make out, but unfortunately he starts vamping out and he gets off the couch. She asks him if something's wrong and he then attacks her, draining her of blood. Kate then walks in the room and sees Scott with blood over his mouth and angrily asks him why he did it. He tells her he could see in Jessica's soul and that she was jealous of Kate. Afterwards, he and Kate then take Jessica's body and put it in the car Kate is driving and go to the Fuller home. They bury the body while it is raining and when Kate goes in to get a broom. After her hallucination of Rafa, she goes outside and Scott tells her that he can control his bloodlust and tells her he only knows one way he can protect her and that means converting her into a culebra. She then hits him with a shovel and runs into the house, but he knocks her down and she tries to fight back. When he keeps trying, he has a gun pointed in the back of his head by Freddie and he tells him that's no way to treat family.

In Bondage, Scott is stopped by Freddie from turning Kate into a culebra and they get into a fight, with Freddie winning and almost killing Scott. Kate stops him and Freddie puts a silver chain around his neck and a chest contraption with a stake near his heart. Freddie asks him questions, but Scott doesn't give him any specific answers, so Freddie decides to do a blood bond and sees what Scott has heard and seen. Scott is then seen talking to Kate while Freddie is outside, and he gives her some very little details. She reveals to him that hated him and calls him by his real name, JianJun, to which he is surprised she knew it. She tells him that everyone referred to him as "Scott" and after she thinks he has changed his mind, she tells him he has to forgive himself and goes outside. Scott then breaks free from the loose chains and escapes through the back door.

In Bizarre Tales, Scott goes to the Titty Twister and stakes Narciso's driver/bodyguard. He then appears behind Narciso and puts a sword close to his throat. When he, Narciso and Carlos walk out of the bar, they have Narciso with a chain around his neck and Scott seems a bit shocked that Carlos had beheaded him. Carlos tells him to put it in the back and he watches in even more surprise when the Titty Twister explodes. They watch as it goes up in flames and falls.

In Bring Me the Head of Santanico Pandemonium, he and Carlos arrive at Celestino's house and after Carlos reveals himself to Freddie and Kate, Scott tells her not to aim her arrow at Carlos. She instead shoots Scott and is surprised that she did, and goes after her. Tomas saves her and they then make a run away from them. Scott and Carlos quickly go after them and Scott stakes Tomas, killing him. Carlos is having a hard time getting the door open and Scott is outside trying to break the window, but can't and is burning. He jumps down and goes inside, telling Carlos they should've ate before, but Carlos tells him that they are there for a higher purpose. Carlos uses an axe to get through while Scott watches on. After Freddie and Kate break through from the other side of the wine cabinet, Scott goes after them. When Kate goes back to the door of the house, Scott scratches her and he berates her for what she is doing. She tells him she's giving him the bonds and wants to go with them so she can keep a watch on him, which Scott is reluctant to do as he doesn't want Carlos to make a snack out of her. She tells him he can protect her and they then go in together. He gives Carlos the bonds and tells him that Kate is coming with them. Carlos tells Scott he can drink the blood now and he does.

In The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko,

In There Will Be Blood, he is with Carlos and the others waiting for the Santa Sangre to be filled in the tanker from the rig. After getting in a heated argument with Aiden, he asks Carlos about it and is told by Carlos that he's calling the shots. Kate tells Scott about what Richie is going to do and that he had already encountered Malvado, and after Carlos finds out, Richie starts firing shots and kills a few culebras. They capture Richie and Kate is held at gunpoint by Carlos, and he asks what Richie had agreed to and the blood. When Kate tries to run, Carlos shoots her twice, which leaves Scott in shock.

In Santa Sangre,

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a Chinese descent teenager with short, black hair and brown eyes.


He cares about his family and doesn't want to be without them. He has an outspoken personality and isn't afraid to say what is on his mind. Despite Scott's sense of heroism, he has a lot of anger and potential darkness in him as hinted by both Richie and Carlos (the latter whom is taken aback.) It is also revealed that despite his love for his family, he feels like an outcast.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Special Power- Scott's special power was revealed while he was fighting Amaru. When attacked, Scott's skin shape-shifts into a reptilian-like shell that protected him physically as well as from Amaru's soul extraction ability.


  • Martial arts- Scott is one of the most gifted Culebras in the martial arts. He is skilled enough to fight his foes with and without swords.


Scott possess all the standard weaknesses of a Culebra.




  • Scott is adopted.
  • Scott's special culebra power is shapeshifting into reptilian-like shell.


  • Kate Fuller and Scott Fuller (Siblings)
  • Scott Fuller and Jacob Fuller (Family)
  • Scott Fuller and Seth Gecko (Allies)
  • Scott Fuller and Richie Gecko (Allies)
  • Scott Fuller and Carlos Madrigal (Enemies)
  • Scott Fuller and Aiden Tanner


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