Transcript for Season Two Episode Ten - Santa Sangre

2x10 - Santa Sangre

Written by: Sarah Wise & Diego Gutierrez, Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

[The episode opens with Freddie digging through the dirt with much effort and we then hear an engine start.]

Freddie: Margaret. Sorry, Billie. Hey! Hey, I'm in here. (We hear muffled banging and then loud metallic banging ) Ah! (banging) Hey!

Ximena: Bienvenido, guapo. (Freddie sees the woman walking towards him, and then sees that she has a man with her as well) Nice of you to join us, considering the damage you've done.

Freddie: I'm sorry, who the hell are you?

Ximena: Two Lords are dead because of you. My boss is furious.

Freddie: Your boss. Let me guess. He's another so-called Lord.

Ximena: Mm. You assume she's a he. Tipico. You exposed Oculto and now Malvado's gone. What kind of peacekeeper are you? Carlos is out there at the blood well.

Freddie: Tell me where, or I'll kill this piece of shit. (Freddie has the man cornered, while also having a weapon close as well)

Ximena: (shrugs) So kill him. Occupational hazard, he knows. (Freddie lets him go) Carlitos is on his way with that blood. And let me be perfectly clear...he wants all culebras to rise out of the shadows, and take their rightful place in the food chain. Can you imagine? He thinks he's some kind of prophet.

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