Santa Sangre is the tenth episode of season two and the twentieth episode of the series.


Seth and Santanico clash with Richie over his betrayal, while Carlos and Scott aim to take Malvado’s empire and unleash culebra frenzy on the world.



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  • Santa Sangre is the name of an 1989 Mexican-Italian avant-garde horror film. Santa Sangre is translated into Holy Blood.
  • This is the second appearance of Demi Lovato for the season.
  • Kate is resurrected at the end of the episode by the Santa Sangre.
  • Santánico fought with both Maia and Carlos.
  • Richie and Seth take the reins of the empire, as Santánico warned Seth that Richie wouldn't last by himself.
  • Ximena alludes that the Lord she works for is not a he but a she, which is true since Celestino has said he has brothers and sisters.
  • Santánico rides off in a motorcycle, declaring herself free.
  • Carlos' body parts must be separated or else he will reassemble.
  • Carlos mentions that since he survived the labyrinth, he was granted a special gift and because of that gift, he cannot die from being staked in the heart or burned.


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