I was trying to protect you.

The relationship between culebra Richie Gecko and human Kate Fuller

Richard and Kate first met in Let's Get Rambling. Richard is much gentler with Kate then he is with others. At first glance, Richard was more attracted to Kate physically than mentally and emotionally, disregarding the fact that she was under-age, though after understanding Kate's emotions and sensing her inner grieving Richard almost takes an "I look at you and see a mirror" outlook towards her. They soon develop a more tender connection.

They are currently partnered with Seth, robbing banks.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit


  • Kate sees the good in Richie.
  • According to Seth, Kate trusted Richie.
  • Richard saw into Kate's soul.
  • They have both expressed jealousy of each other.
  • Richard wanted Kate to become a culebra so she wouldn't die.
  • Both have killed their fathers: Richie set his on fire and Kate mercy killed hers.
  • Kate and Richard kissed twice in Place of Dead Roads.
  • Richie was with Kate when she died.
  • Richard thinks Kate is still alive and that she can be saved from Amaru.
  • Madison Davenport stated that Richie and Kate were immediately drawn to each other. She also stated that Richie and Kate's relationship, described in one word was, "Fate...but also nonjudgmental."


  • Richie watches Kate in the pool
  • Richie hallucinating Kate asking him to move her bikini
  • What other things do you pick up on...
  • That would be despicable
  • See now you've gone and ruin the whole thing

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