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This article is about the character from the TV series, you may be looking for the film series character of the same name - Razor Charlie

Razor Charlie was a bartender at the Titty Twister and a culebra.


Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In Place of Dead Roads,

In Pandemonium,

Physical AppearanceEdit

Charlie was a tall man with an medium, athletic build. He wore a sleeveless black shirt and black pants. He had a tattoo on his left shoulder and had long, dark black hair and brown eyes.

In his culebra form, he looked similar to a bat with paler skin, while still wearing his clothes. He also had sharp appendages for arms.




  • Charlie is a unisex name and comes from English origin. From the Old English "ceorl", which means "man". It's also a diminutive form of Charles.[1]



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