Razor Charlie was a character who first appeared in the first film of the film series. He was a bartender and a vampire working at the Titty Twister. He has a twin brother named Eddie and was staked by Sex Machine.



He is working at the La Tetilla del Diablo as a bartender and was telling Ambrose Bierce and the Newlies the establishment is closed. They say they want a room for all night and he gets them beverages. Afterwards, he's confronted by Johnny Madrid about his friend eating his horse and it's soon revealed what the establishment is filled with. He turns into his vampire form and witnesses Santánico Pandemonium become a full vampire.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has a tall stature and a muscular build. When he took his shirt off, it's shown he has multiple tattoos on his chest. He has medium length, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He also has a some tattoos on his arms. He wore a black, sleeveless shirt and black pants.

Back in 1913, he wore a red shirt with a dark vest on. He also had long, dark brown hair during the time.


He has a serious attitude and can be pleasant when the situation is asked for it. He is aggressive especially when his vampiric nature shows. Back in 1913, he is shown to be more friendly, but carried a mysterious attitude to him.




  • He can speak English, French, Latin and one other language.

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