Rafael Infante, better known as Rafa, was a character who first appeared in the first episode of the second season. He was a culebra that worked at the Mercado and was an friend of Kate Fuller.


There has been no mention of his early history.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

Kate is seen approaching him at Mercado and tells him she's an anthropology student. He doesn't believe her as he says she looks to young and tells her that she's there to convert him, labeling them as "you people". Kate then shows him a drawing of Santanico and he then takes her in the back. She sees two ladies praying to the a bigger drawing of Santanico and asks who she is. He tells her that they think her real name is Kisa and she is a saint. Kate says "Santanico" under her breath and Rafa looks at her. She then says she is no saint and she mentions culebras. She holds a stake to Rafa and another culebra is behind her, and she says she has no problem in killing them both. She then tells Rafa that she has 2 options: Sucking all of her blood and killing her, and the other pumping her full of venom and turning her into a culebra as well. Rafa says "Wouldn't want that" and she tells him that she's not going to convert him and he won't convert her. She tells him that she wants to help her brother and if he can control his bloodlust for humans. He tells her that they can sustain at certain times and that it can be difficult, but he drinks blood from people who can be deemed unworthy of living. He then tells her about a man around Mercado and his money business.

Rafa is feeding on a man and after he is done, he thanks Kate and is glad that he met her, calling her "Katerina". She asks him to call her Kate and he tells her he likes Katerina better and she has no say in the matter. She tells him that he could just ignore him, but he tells her that he is impossible to ignore which makes her smile. Later, Rafa is seen at Seth and Kate's hotel room talking about their heist plan.

When the heist plan goes in motion, Rafa texts Seth that The Collector is near the Hair Salon. Rafa looks worried that the plan is going bad, he is relieved that they make it out, but Rafa is then shot through the throat by The Regulator's gun. Kate and Seth then make a run when Rafa attacks The Regulator and when they get to the car, The Regulator aims his gun at them and Rafa attacks him again. Rafa begins to burn in the sunlight and when is Kate worried about him, he tells her to go and turns into ash.

He is seen as a hallucination to Kate when she is upset about Scott and tries to help her through the tough times she is going through right now.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rafa is a young man who looks like he's in his early 20's, and is about a few inches taller than Kate. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Rafa is very blunt, sarcastic, and is shown to care for others of his kind. He seems to be very tempted to turn Kate as she told him the two options he had. He possess a soft spot for Kate, and was willing to sacrifice himself to save her from The Regulator. Even after his passing, he is later seen in Kate's stress-induced hallucination, where he comforts her while reminding her that she cannot give up if she is to save her brother. His use of the nickname "Katerina" suggests he has started to form an attraction to the girl, despite the little time they have managed to spend together.



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