1x01 - Pilot

Written & Directed by Robert Rodriguez


[The scene begins with ancient symbols appearing across the screen as Santanico narrates.]

SANTANICO: [voice over] Since time began we have lived in the shadows of the moon, in the blood of the earth. Today we will rise and the world will be ours. Beyond dark and light, beyond fire and water, beyond dusk and dawn.


[Thunder is heard as a young Santanico is seen running through the jungle, trying to escape several other men coming after her. She looks back and when she turns around, she is in front of a man and she is then pushed into a pit that's full of snakes,.]

Shaman: In ye tlapoyahuac, in oc tlachipahuaz.

[The snakes hiss and bite at Santanico while the tribesmen watch on, Suddenly a large snake then slithers out of a hole and goes into the her mouth.]

PRESENT DAY- 2014 Edit

[While in a car Ranger Gonzales looks curiously at Crime Scene Photos the scene in Sims on Gonzales's partner well he drives the car]

EARL; Holy water, do you have to do that whole holy water business how's that shit work

GONZALEZ: The Priest takes the water , blesses the water, the water becomes holy

EARL: I mean how does the ritual work, do I pour it over his head..I mean

GONZALEZ: How the hell should I know it's my first time to....Whats your answer yes or no

EARL: No I don't believe in that voodoo shit

GONZALEZ: It's not video, tv2 me and Margaret

EARL; [Sighs] I'll think about it

[They are car driving along the road when Earl pulls over in to a liquor store]

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