Otis Lawson was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. He was a Texas ranger and at first went after Buck, Luther, C.W., Ray Bob and Jesus, but after the four turned into vampires, he teamed up with Buck and defeated them.


Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

He is seen on TV being asked questioned by a reporter about Luther. He tells her that he will see to it that Luther is sent to the penitentiary where he belongs. After this, he goes to Buck's house and asks him where Luther is. When Buck asks about a warrant, Otis puts down his sunglasses and grabs Buck by the nuts, squeezing them until Buck is in pain. After more questioning, he heads out the door displeased that he hasn't gotten a lead on Luther.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He had medium sized build and was tall, wearing a dark navy blue shirt and a black vest. He had blonde-white hair and blue eyes.


He is determined and won't stop until he gets what he says he's going to do. He is shown to be honorable at the most as seen when he let Buck get a head start from the law after defeating the vampires.



  • Otis is German and means "wealthy".[1]
  • Lawson is the transferred use of the English patronymic surname meaning "son of Laurence/Lawrence" from "Law", which was a medieval pet name form of Laurence. The English name was borrowed from the French, originally derived from the Latin Laurentius.[2]



  • He is the only main law enforcement officer that lived in the film series, with Earl and Edgar having been killed.


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