The Nine Lords are culebra siblings and the heads of the culebra hierarchy. They all control their own territories in the area of Mexico and Texas. All of the Lords have their own way of obtaining blood to keep themselves fed and most are established via elicit businesses such as the Titty Twister.


The lords came to the first realm from Xibalba and were followed by Amaru, the queen of Xibalba. Amaru attempted to track down the lords, but they lured her into a trap and killed her. Afterwards they feasted on her flesh, but not her blood as it was too powerful and so it was given to Lord Oculto for safe keeping.

The LordsEdit


  • Venganza, Richie, Emilio, Unnamed Lords
  • Amancio Malvado
  • Celestino Oculto
  • Venganza Verdugo


  • As of the episode Matanzas, all the lords are now dead.

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