Nathan Blanchard was a character who first appeared in the third episode of the second season. He was a pimp and sex trafficker who runs a strip club. After a shootout with the Geckos, he is confronted by The Regulator and has a body part cut off and eaten by him.


There isn't much known, except his criminal past seems to be known by criminals such as Eddie.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

He meets up with Richie and talk about possible prospects to sell, i.e., immigrant girls. After seeing the video of Paloma, he accepts a partnership with Richie and Santanico.

He hosts the girls at his club and begins bid. After Seth and Richie are made known at the club, a shootout begins between the brothers and Blanchard. Nathan's men are killed and he is severely wounded. In the aftermath, The Regulator comes to the club and cuts off one of his ears, eats it, and Nathan dies from his injuries.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He had short dirty blond hair and blue-green eyes. He wore simple shirts when meeting possible sellers, but did dress up for the buying occasion.


He is businesslike and usually calm, except when a situation doesn't go as planned. He is extremely violent and will try to finish off someone who has wronged him.




  • Nathan is a given name or surname. It is derived from the Hebrew נתן meaning "gave". The name in Jewish culture could be rendered as "he has given" or "he will give".
  • Blanchard is a French given name or surname. It derives from the Old French blanchart, which means "whitish, bordering upon white".

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