Nadine was a character who first appeared in the first episode of season one. She was the owner of Nadine's and a friend of Earl McGraw.


Not much is known about Nadine, except that she's been a friend of Earl's for some time.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

Earl mentions about how he just came from Nadine's and that her son, Bubba, is cooking beans and how he doesn't wash them before hand.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nadine had short to medium length blonde hair and blue eyes.


From what is said about her, she is a caring woman and friendly.



  • Nadine is a feminine given name. It is the French form of the Russian name Nadia, and means "hope".[1]


  • Even though she was listed on IMDB credits and on Sue Rock's resume, it's possible that she had a deleted scene and appeared in it. Instead, Nadine is mentioned by Earl and Pete.


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