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Transcript for Season Three Episode Nine- Matanzas

3x09 - Matanzas

Written by: Marcel Rodriguez, Directed by: Joe Menendez

[Freddie's truck is driving down the desert road.]

Venganza: How can you not know this is wrong? You are a man of order, a man of law.

Freddie: You're wasting your breath. She has my family.

Venganza: She destroyed mine. My brothers and sisters, all of them. I can't order you, Peacekeeper, but I can ask you...Just kill me. Stake me. Burn me. But don't bring me to her.

[Voices are heard moaning, screaming and Freddie comes up to two platforms with two culebras chained to them. They start to burn as the sun starts touching them. They then go up in flames as the sun covers them, while Freddie and Venganza watch.]

Venganza: Xibalbans have always tortured culebras with the sun. For punishment. For sport. When Amaru walks among us, the gateway will open. Hell will consume us. Is that what you want? You're ending the world.

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