Matanzas is the ninth episode of season three and the twenty-ninth episode of the series.


The Geckos are going after Amaru, as she plots to regain her true form and open the gates of Hell.


The Gecko brothers and the rest of the group find themselves following Amaru to a mysterious Western ghost town in Matanzas, Texas but soon engage in a battle with an undead army of outlaws. Meanwhile, Venganza and Amaru confront each other, but Venganza decides to kill herself to prevent Amaru from killing her. Seth kills Brasa using explosives. Amaru kills Burt and fully succeeds in her ceremony as she regains her body.


Main CastEdit

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Body CountEdit

  • Unnamed Culebras-various (sunlight, stabbed, shot)- killed by Unknown, Undead Outlaws
  • Machado-shot; killed by Undead Outlaw
  • Venganza Verdugo-ripped snake out/burned; killed by herself
  • Brasa-explosion; killed by Seth Gecko
  • Burt-heart ripped out; killed by Amaru


  • Amaru regains her true form at the end of the episode.
  • All the lords are now dead, after Venganza kills herself.
  • It's revealed that Venganza is LGBT, as she bathed Amaru in Xibalba and her obsession with a dancer in a previous episode.
  • Brasa reveals that he possessed a pastor's body when he rose from the destruction of the Titty Twister. He originally wanted to inhabit Freddie's body since his immunity to culebra venom, but he decided he wanted Seth instead, before being killed by him.


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