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Madame Diana was a woman who had the girls prepared to be bid on at Nathan's strip joint.


There is nothing known about Diana's history prior to the start of the series.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

In The Best Little Horror House in Texas,

Physical AppearanceEdit

Diana was a short, small-sized, middle-aged woman with dark, brown eyes and blonde hair in a curly updo. She wore a gold bracelet on her right arm, chain necklace and earrings. She wore a cheetah or leopard print outfit.





  • Diana is a feminine name and is probably derived from the old Indo-European root meaning "heavenly, divine". [1]


  • A madame is a polite form of address or title to a woman, usually older, who manages a brothel, escort service or some other form of prostitution for profit.


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