La Reina is the second episode of season three and the twenty-second episode of the series.


Seth and Richie seek help from Santánico; Freddie and Ximena have an encounter with Brasa.


Five months ago, Kate breaks out of a psychiatric institution, while there, she identifies herself as a entity named 'Amaru'. In Waco, Texas, Gonzalez and Ximena investigate a trail of culebra attacks who lead themselves to a confrontation with Brasa. The Gecko brothers look for Santanico in hopes to persuade culebras to join them in the fight against the demons; she is revealed to be running a underground fight ring in Piedras Negras; she is implied to be in a relationship with a woman named Manola and initially rejects the brothers' offer, then Seth is forced into a match, Amaru and another demon named Olmeca arrive and get themselves into a fight with the brothers and Santanico; Manola is killed by Amaru and Olmeca is killed by Santanico; Santanico finally agrees to depart with the brothers again. Amaru finds a concert ad for Scott and orders Brasa to find him.


Main CastEdit

Supporting CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • James Burnett as Homeless Culebra
  • Anthony Escobar as Mousy MC
  • Ruben Rivera Laguna as Kilroy
  • David Stanford as Psychiatrist


Body CountEdit


  • Head Games and this episode aired as a two-episode premiere on September 6, 2016.
  • La Reina means "The Queen" in Spanish. The title can refer to Santanico or Amaru, since they are the queens of their respective communities.


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