La Llorona is the seventh episode of season three and the twenty-seventh episode of the series.


The team falls victim to a female Xibalban demon.


In a mansion, Tanner is seen part of a Xibalban ritual where a male culebra is sacrificed. The Gecko brothers and the rest of the group (with information by Tanner) arrive at the same mansion hoping to capture the Xibalban cult leader, however their plans change when Amaru arrives, as they end up taking her back to Burt's shop and holding her in a cell. Gonzalez feels guilt-ridden for what happened to Ximena. The group performs an exorcism on Amaru while at the same time they fall victim to the seductions of another demon - a female soul gatherer named Itzpa. Through visions, the group is alerted when Itzpa targets Gonzalez's wife, Margaret and his daughter as they are then taken by Amaru and the Xibalban cult hostage and Itzpa is killed by Burt.


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  • Fernanda Andrade is known for starring in the film The Devil Inside.


  • Margaret returns in this episode.

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