Kate, Kate's gone and who ever's inside her thinks she's some sort of queen.
— Santanico to Richie about Kate

The relationship between Culebra, Santánico Pandemonium and Human/Demon, Kate Fuller. Santanico and Kate are a lot a like in some ways both from a young age were introduced into the Culebra world and had to grown up fast in order to survive in it, losing their innocence in the process. They had both been desired by many men which often gets them into trouble.

Amaru on the other hand deeply resents Santanico due to her status in power and unconditional faith in both the culebras and humans. Seeing her as an obstacle in her way for complete domination, Amaru will go by any means to utterly destroy her and those who follow her. In La Reina, Amaru, however, underestimates Santanico's strength and retreats. Although frustrated of their first meeting, Amaru senses that she did some how defeat Santanico, claiming that the Beast had "broken" the Serpent Queen, meaning Santanico's loss in faith.

Throughout The From Dusk Till Dawn SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In Place of Dead Roads, Kate arrives at the Twister with her family and the Geckos. Kate sees Santanico for the first time when she appears on stage.

In Pandemonium, Kate watches Santanico dance and expresses jealousy at her interest in Richard.When Freddie attacks Richie, Kate watches Santanico turns into her culebra form and attacks him the moment that happens the other dancers turn as well and start killing everyone.

Season ThreeEdit

They interact with each other when they fight against Amaru, who has taken her true form. Kate defeats her and Santanico comforts her, telling her that she's not apart of Amaru anymore.


  • Both were desired by Malvado.
  • Both have kissed Richard.
  • Kate and Santanico have both, lured people in, so that Culebras can feed off them.
  • Both were innocent girls before being forcefully thrown into the horrors of the Culebra world.
  • Santanico and Kate are commented on by their beauty, which they use to their advantage.

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