The relationship between human Kate Fuller and culebra Scott Fuller.


Kate and Scott are adoptive siblings. Kate reveals that when she was 8 years old, she hated Scott because she believed that he ruined her perfect family, but she came to love him when she got older.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

They are seen to be close to each other and act like most other sibling relationships. They are put in a bind when they are held hostage by the Geckos and he then goes down one of the trap doors, with Kate not knowing that he was turned into a culebra. After he reveals this, he bites Jacob, hoping to have his family with him as culebras. Kate gets angry at him and starts to shove him, but he later leaves.

Season TwoEdit

She sees him again when she sees that he's in Bethel and she goes to their old house. She then sees that has killed Jessica and a few of the lacrosse players. She helps him bury the bodies and he then goes near her, trying to turn her into a culebra to protect her. She is saved by Freddie and Scott gets free, leaving her behind. They confront each other again at Celestino's house and they talk to each other about her trying to save him. She goes with Scott and Carlos to find the way to get to the Santa Sangre. Scott helps her kill the innocent drifter as it's hard for her and he is seen getting defensive when Amancio wants to trade her for the key. He later witnesses Carlos shoot her twice in the stomach and wants to save her, but she tells him that it's too late. He later avenges her by wrecking the truck with the blood and separating Carlos' body parts.

Season ThreeEdit

The first time Scott and Kate actually see each other again is when she temporarily takes control of her body again and tells him to get away from her, as Amaru was coming back. He later helps the Geckos and their allies in stopping Amaru and saving Kate. He is with her when Amaru leaves her body and tries to save her from dying, as she has a severe amount of blood loss. She is eventually saved and she stops Amaru from killing him. After they defeat Amaru, she and Scott go their separate ways, with him doing his band and her robbing banks with the Geckos, but they hug and are on better terms.



  • They are the only members of their family left after the death of their parents.
  • Kate is human and Scott is a culebra.
  • Kate is older than Scott.
  • Scott is adopted.
  • In real life, Brandon Soo Hoo is a year older than Madison Davenport.

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