Kalinda was a character who first appeared in the tenth episode of the second season. She was an assistant to Seth before the Xibalban, Calavera, caused mistrust in the team and he shot her in the head.


There isn't anything known about her early history.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

Carlos grabs her and begins to put his venom into her, turning her into a culebra. She does battle with the Geckos and eventually goes under the command when Richie becomes a Lord.

Season ThreeEdit

She is an assistant to the Geckos and when Calavera appears and causes mistrust in the team, Kalinda is shot in the head as Seth didn't want to take a chance.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She wore bohemian style dresses and a long, golden necklace. She has green eyes and long, curly blonde hair. She also wore a thin headband.


She was quiet in most of her appearances, but will answer questions if asked, especially by her superiors.




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