Looks like you guys are having all the fun without us.
— Jessica to Scott & the boys

Jessica was a friend of Kate's and went to the same high school as her and her brother. She was interested in Scott and he kills her before they end up having sex.


Jessica was friends with Kate and would have sleepover with her all the time

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

In The Best Little Horror House in Texas, Jessica is mentioned by Kate when she tells Scott that Jessica texted her about Scott being outside there high school, Jessica later arrives at the party with a few other girls. Her and Scott soon go into a bedroom where Jessica talks to Scott about how when her and Kate would have sleepovers she noticed Scott spying on them and that she would always tell Kate that she though he was cute.Jessica and Scott start to make out when Scott loses control and bites her, killing her. After her death Kate and Scott burying her body in their backyard while doing so Scott tell Kate that while feeding on Jessica he saw into her soul.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jessica has long blonde hair with blue eyes


Jessica appears to be very flirtatious, Scott reveals that while feeding on her he saw into Jessica soul and saw that she was totally jealous of Kate.

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