This article is about the character from the TV Series, you may be looking for the Film character of the same name - Jacob Fuller

Jacob Fuller was a character who first appeared in the second episode of the first season. He was the father of Kate Fuller, adopted father of Scott Fuller, and widower of Jennifer Fuller.


Jacob was a husband to Jennifer Fuller, father to Kate Fuller, and adopted father to Scott Fuller. His daughter Kate is older than his adopted son by a few years, as he already had a child before the adoption was made.

Jacob and his family lived a seemingly peaceful existence on the outside, almost portraying a perfect family, but as later revealed, was torn apart by his wife's depression and suicidal thoughts. Jacob, being a man of faith, believed in leaving the mental health of his wife in the hands of God, ultimately leading to her eventual suicide through the use of prescription pills.

As Jacob was in the car with his wife, rushing to the hospital, Jennifer attempted to escape the car, and Jacob, trying to pull her back in, swerved off of the road, causing the vehicle to flip and crash on the side of the street. Jennifer obtained an injury, and as the pills took over, died in Jacob's arms. The pastor, angered at God for the fate of his wife, kept the true happenings of the accident to himself, selling his wedding ring, purchasing an RV, and packing both Kate and Scott up, going on a family road trip to once again find the Lord and his path.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In Blood Runs Thick,

In Mistress,

In Let's Get Rambling,

In Self Contained,

In Place of Dead Roads,

In Pandemonium,

In La Conquista,

In Boxman,

In The Take, after Scott bites him, he tells Kate to kill him, as he cannot live with the consequences that come with being a culebra. Kate does as she is told, staking him in the heart just as he begins to turn, and keeps this information to herself, not telling Seth until later episodes in season two.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jacob is a rather burly man, with blue eyes and relatively tan skin in comparison to his daughter. His hair is usually slicked back, and he often wears a hat.


Jacob perhaps argues with the Gecko bothers more than any other character. In fact, he was punched in the face by Seth during their first conversation. After this, he is constantly found bickering with them throughout the season, particularly Richard, who seems to be fascinated by Kate's gentle temperament and, at the time, unclothed body, as the girl was in her bathing suit at the time of their meeting. Jacob is not only protective over his daughter around Seth and Richard, but takes offense to the racist comments of both brothers towards his adopted son. Jacob is reluctant to drive the geckos over the border, but is eventually convinced after several warnings and even a threat from Richard to rape "Katie Cakes" if he does not do as he is told. He seems to trust Seth more, engaging in conversation with him several times, topics ranging from the mental health of Richard to the death of his wife. He is very set in his ways, and would rather perish than be turned into a vampire and feed on innocent blood.



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