This article is about the character from the film series, you may be looking for the TV Series character of the same name - Jacob Fuller (TV Series)

Jacob Fuller was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn. He was a former preacher who lost his path and took his kids with him. After being taken hostage by the Geckos, Jacob is bitten by a vampire, Sex Machine, and becomes one soon after. He was killed by Scott per his request as he wanted to be killed if he became one.

==History==He was a preacher and had a wife named Jennifer Fuller and a daughter named Kate Fuller and a adopted chinese son named Scott Fuller.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

In From Dusk Till Dawn, he was kidnapped by the Gecko Brothers, along with Kate Fuller and Scott Fuller. He was bitten by Sex Machine. Jacob ask Kate and Scott to promise to kill him when he turns into a vampire. Scott killed his father, after he bit him.

==Personality==Jacob seemed very devastated over his wife's death and really loved his children. When he was at the Titty Twister he took a dislike to Richie when he told Scott he will get a stripper for him. When the people who worked at the Titty Twister revealed themselves as vampires he did his best to protect Kate and Scott from them. When Sex Machine secretly got bitten on the arm and turns he tried to stop him but gets bitten. When he knows he will turn he tells Kate and Scott to kill him when he turns.



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