Henry Milburn was a character who appeared in the second episode of the first season. He was a bank teller at Abilene Mutual Bank.


There is nothing known about his history.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

He is seen at the Abilene Mutual Bank working as a teller and he sees the Geckos come in. He is then held by them and stands by the other workers and clients while the go after the money in the safe.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Henry wore a dark blue suit, with a light colored shirt and tie. He also wore dark blue pants. He has short, brown hair that looks similar to a receding hairline and light, brown eyes.


He seemed friendly and put on a business like mind when dealing with clients or customers.




  • Henry is an masculine English name and comes from the Germanic "Heimirich", which meant "home ruler".[1]
  • Milburn is a surname from English origin and is a habitational name from a place in Cumbria. It was name in Old English as "millstream", from mylen "mil" and burna "stream".[2]


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