Transcript for From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter


At the end of his life, Civil War hero and author Ambrose Bierce (The Devil's Dictionary, "An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge") disappeared into Mexico with the intention of joining Pancho Villa's revolutionary forces. He was never heard from again.

[A unidentified person is seen spinning a gun's chamber repeatedly. An unidentified man is then heard talking while other firearms are heard being cocked and ready.]

Black ScreenEdit

Ambrose Bierce: "Wait! Take it off. When the bullet speeds at my head I want to see my name on it."

Pancho Villa: "This better?"


[Pancho Villa, with a cigar in his mouth, takes the cover off of Ambrose and proceeds to take out his cigar. Ambrose is seen looking at him.]

Pancho: "The blood of many brave men have been shot on that wall. It should give you some comfort to share in their glory."

(Ambrose looks at him and then speaks)

Ambrose: "I accept that honor".

Pancho: "The honor is mine."

(Ambrose looks around more, seeing a boy with a gun and the chamber sound is still being heard.)

Pancho: "Any last words?"

Ambrose: "Death is the end of pain. The last pain."

(Pancho walks backwards a bit, and goes to the side, where his men are ready to pull their triggers. Pancho announces three words in Spanish.)

Ambrose: "Death is the end of pain."

(Ambrose is then shot multiple times and he wakes up from his nightmare. He then sees someone playing with a gun and goes to them.)


Catherine Reece: "That's a mighty nice gun you got there sir. Is that Nan... (Ambrose hits her across the face and she falls on the ground. She gets her gun ready and has his ready to go. They look at each other. She puts her hands up a little bit.) "Weren't going to steal it or nothing, I just wanted to see it up close."

Ambrose: "Is this close enough?"

(The gun is aimed at her and she answers, while he gives her the go along, and she leaves, while he proceeds to kick her in the behind.)

Catherine: "Sir."

Bartender: "Yeah, you got out of here, cabron. Been's hanging around here last couple of days not drinking a thing."

Ambrose: "Brandy".

Bartender: "No brandy, sir."

Ambrose: "Whiskey."

Bartender: "Right."

Mary Newlie: "Would you like a prayer sheet? There you are. Would you like a prayer sheet? Ask the Lord for forgiveness and He will save your soul. Would you like a prayer sheet? Ask the Lord for forgiveness and He will save your soul." (She repeats this a few more times and her husband, John, replies as well.)

John Newlie: "Don't throw that on the ground there. Here's a prayer sheet. Praise God."

(The bartender brings Ambrose's whiskey to him and begins to talk to him.)


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