Transcript for From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money


[The camera is panning around showing a city with sirens going off. It goes to a building with the title showing up.]

Elevator RoomEdit

[A man and a woman walk towards the elevator. The man presses the button near the elevator and puts his suitcase down, and then checks his watch.]

Barry: "Christ, it's almost midnight."

Pam: "Nothing like putting in some overtime to save a miserable serial killer."

Barry: "Alleged serial killer."

Pam: "Right."

(The elevator's numbers starting beeping and the door opens for them. Pam pushes the button for the lower level.)

Pam: "Well...maybe one of these days we'll actually defend somebody who's really innocent."

Barry: "A man is innocent until proven guilty." (They say "until proven guilty" at the same time.)

Pam: "Until proven guilty. Look, you and I both know that son of a bitch killed 14 people in cold blood. I just hope there's nothing to this karma thing."

Barry: "Oh, please." (The lights start flickering and the elevator stops at 25.) "Ah, come on. What the hell? And I don't want to hear anything about any karma."

(Pam starts pressing buttons, while Barry picks up his suitcase and stands on it.)

Pam: "What's going on?"

Barry: "I'm gonna find out."

(Barry opens up the trap door and as he does, a maintenance worker's bitten and dead body falls into the elevator, leaving both shocked.)

Barry: "Poor bastard." (He grabs the maintenance worker's flashlight.) "I'm going to check out the elevator shaft."

Pam: "Yeah, okay."

Barry: "Maybe there's a way out." (He starts pushing himself up and looks around. Soon, a horde of bats start flying towards him.) "Oh, Jesus". (The bats start attacking him, with his body shaking and Pam freaking out.)

Pam: "What's happening? Are they bats?"

(Barry's body drops to the floor and Pam screams. She starts yelling and pressing buttons.)

Pam: "Oh, God! Oh, God! Somebody help me! Please! Please! Somebody help me!" (She looks up towards the opening and the bats start coming in, attacking her as well.) "No! No! No! No!" (As she's being attacked, it shows the bodies of Barry and the maintenance worker.)

(The bats start chewing the ropes on the elevator and Pam waves her shoe around trying to get at the bats, while she manages to kill a few. One of the bats manages to go up her shirt and pop out, and goes into her mouth, while the bats still continue to chew the elevator's ropes. They manage to bite through and the elevator starts to drop, with the floor numbers going by fast. It reaches the last floor and the doors open, with all the bats flying out. It is then revealed to be a movie being shown on the TV.)

Buck's HouseEdit

[It shows a man and a woman making love, while the man is trying to watch TV.]

Buck: "Ah, come on. Just when it was getting to the good part. Christ, not again. Hey, take a little breather, honey." (He tells the woman, Marcy, to take it easy and goes over to the TV, hitting it.) "I lost my concentration. Goddamn piece of crap."

Marcy: "Looks like the only thing working around here is me."

Buck: "Sons of bitches."

Marcy: "That's what you get for stealing cable, Buck." (Buck gives her a little glare at her remark and changes it to a better channel.)

Teri Harper: "The first full solar eclipse to be seen locally in over 35 years--while transporting Luther Heggs from the Kern County Jail to the Huntsville State Penitentiary. Heggs, you may remember, was convicted for armed robbery. An unscheduled stop was made at a gas station rest room. (Buck laughs at this as he watches the news.) "When Heggs persuaded the deputy to remove one of the cuffs so he could use the toilet, Heggs severely beat the deputy, wrestled away the key to the cuffs and fled the scene."

Buck: "Looks like Luther beat the dog shit out of that boy."

Teri: "In a moment we'll be speaking to legendary Texas Ranger Otis Lawson. Officer Lawson, could we have the latest developments concerning Luther Heggs?"

Otis Lawson: "Yes. Uh, we have all available..."

(The reporter soon asks Otis if she could have a word and talk to him about the event. Marcy points out that Otis was the one who locked Buck up sometime ago. Otis is seen talking about Luther.)

Marcy: "Hey, ain't that the old boy who put you away in that Lubbock bank job?"

Buck: "Rotten bastard."

Otis: "I'd like to say that I-I-I will personally track down Luther Heggs and drag his ass back to the penitentiary where the sorry son of a bitch belongs."

[It soon shows a house and a cop vehicle pulling up. Otis walks through the door and Buck gets up.]

Otis: "All right, asshole. Start talking."

(When Buck asks about the warrant, Otis checks his pants, asks his partner a question and he then lays his sunglasses down and grabs Buck by his privates, and starts squeezing, causing Buck to cringe in pain.)

Buck: "You got a warrant, Otis?"

Otis "Did I give you that? Damn, Sheriff. I thought I--let's see, did you--there it is. Is that warrant enough for you? Huh?"

Buck: "Forget about the warrant, Otis."

Otis: "Okay. Thank you for cooperating."

(Otis lets Buck go, while Buck sits down with relief. He then asks Buck questions about Luther and Buck answers. Otis turns around and Buck grabs his sunglasses, hiding them.)

Otis: "Now, where is he? Don't say, "Who"?"

Buck: "I ain't heard a peep from him."

Otis: "Oh, shit. Goddamn."

Buck: "Luther and me--we ain't as tight as we once was. Ever since I went straight. I don't run in them circles.

(Otis starts walking away from the window and gestures to Edgar to show the picture of Luther to Marcy.)

Otis: "Bullshit, Buck. Goddamn it. You're a criminal. You always were, and you always will be. Just like your daddy."

Buck: "No, I swear to God, Otis. I'm selling them Swifty products."

Otis: "Shut up. Show her the picture."

Edgar McGraw: "You seen this man?"

Marcy: "Yes I have."

Otis: "When and where?"

Marcy: "About an hour ago, on the TV."

(Otis walks over to Marcy and leans down towards her, while Buck is trying to help her out by talking.)

Otis: "Do you think we're just wasting our time coming over here like we suck farts out of a dead chicken?"

Buck: "She don't know nothing about it."

Otis: "She might not, but you sure do. 'Cause you and Luther are butt-buddies from way back. And sooner or later, he's gonna contact you, and when he does, we'll be waiting. Don't forget that, slick. Ma'am."

(Otis starts walking out of the house with Edgar and the phone rings, and Buck picks it up. Otis turns around trying to see who it is, and when Buck says "Hey, momma", Otis starts walking again.)

Buck: "Yeah? Oh hey momma..."

Otis: "Shit."



(It then cuts to reveal the caller, Luther, who is at a payphone.)

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