From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money is the 1999 American supernatural crime-horror direct-to-video sequel to From Dusk Till Dawn. It was written and directed by Scott Spiegel. It is the second film in the trilogy of films but chronologically it is third and last.



The film starts out with a city camera pan and then shifts a room with an elevator. Two people, Pam and Barry, are seen talking about their client, and both have differing opinions on him being a serial killer. They walk in and the lights start to flicker, and the elevator then stops. Barry decides to climb up and see what's going on, and a maintenance worker's dead body falls on him. He gets back up and a bunch of bats come at him, killing him in the process. Pam starts panicking and the bats are biting the ropes of the elevator, while others are attacking her as well. She gets bitten and she kills a few, before one flies in her mouth and she gets killed as well. It is then revealed afterwards that this entire sequence was a movie being watched by Buck, who is having trouble with the television coming in. He is busy trying to get the TV working while Marcy is trying to make love to him. She soon quits and he changes it to a better channel. The reporter, Teri Harper is reporting about Luther Heggs and his escape. She asks Otis Lawson a question and he tells her he will put Luther where he should belong.

Sometime later, Otis and Edgar McGraw arrive at his house and come in. Otis begins questioning about Luther and Buck asks him if he has a warrant, after which Otis grabs his by the balls and Buck relents. He tells Otis that he doesn't know where Luther is and that he went straight. Edgar asks Marcy if she's seen him and she said she has, but she says on the TV. Buck then gets a call and says "Hey, mama" as Otis is getting ready to walk out the door. He turns around, but when Buck says that, he then leaves and it's revealed to be Luther, as Buck's mom is dead.


  • Robert Patrick who plays the lead character of Buck also plays the role of Jacob Fuller in the From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
  • Danny Trejo plays Razor Eddie, who is a different character than what he played in the first and third films.


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