Fanglorious is the fourth episode of season three and the twenty-fourth of the series.


Ranger Freddie Gonzalez teams with an old enemy; the Geckos must defend against the Jaguar Warriors.


Scott is seen performing with his own rock band named 'Fanglorious' at a concert. Meanwhile, Richie preys on a man at a bar then he engages into a conversation with a female doctor named, Dr. Dakota Block. Scott reunites with Kate in a alley who warns him about Amaru before transforming back into the entity and nearly assimilates him until Gonzalez arrives who saves him. Gonzalez informs the Gecko brothers at their new base over his and Scott's confrontation with Amaru who they believe that the humane nature of Kate is still there; Amaru is also seen preying on a male human being at a isolated church and informs Brasa to send another set of demons - a jaguar-skinned hunter named Zolo and two of his soldiers. The brothers and Gonzalez are ambushed by the three demons at their base. Scott meets up with his band at a junkyard before all parties find each other leading into confrontations; Amaru nearly succeeds in assimilating Scott and Seth before Scott stabs Amaru with one of his swords as they escape. Richie is shown at the same bar and leaves with Dr. Block before the woman reveals herself to being Earl McGraw's daughter.


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  • Scott started a Christian rock band called "Fanglorious" and has a crowd full of culebras.
  • Scott also knows about Kate and Amaru.
  • Kate is revealed to still be alive, but trapped in her own mind.
  • Richard tries to find ways to save Kate, but they are shot down by Seth.
  • Amaru almost kills Seth, but Scott saves him.
  • Xibalban blades are revealed to be able to hurt Demons.
  • Richard is shot by Earl McGraw's daugther who wants revenge.
  • Scott and Amaru fight.


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