El Caporal was a character who appeared in the third episode of the third season. He was a Xibalban that is described as an enforcer and would keep the culebras in check if they got out of line.


It's stated he's been around for a thousand years and that he's an enforcer to the culebras that got out of line.

It's also revealed that he got bit in the face by Burt.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In Protect and Serve, he approaches Chloe and proceeds to sting her with his scorpion tail, kidnapping her, along with other several culebras.

Physical AppearanceEdit


He shows the personality of a cowboy back in the old western movies and has manners towards women, but is still ruthless to the core. He is only doing his job as enforcer and make sure the culebras stick to where they are on the hierarchy in Xibalba. He doesn't show much love to culebras in general as he also stated that "a snake" bit on his face, which is later revealed to be Burt. He shows utter hatred for Burt as he went after him in a rage, but this brings him to his own end.



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