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Deputy Edgar McGraw is the son of Earl McGraw and was a deputy in the police department.


Not much is known his history, except he was the son of Earl Ramona, and the brother of Dakota. He became a deputy at some point beforehand.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

In From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money,

Physical AppearanceEdit




  • Edgar and Earl McGraw (Family)
  • Edgar and Ramona (Family)
  • Edgar and Dakota (Family)
  • Edgar and the Geckos (Enemies)
  • Edgar and Otis Lawson (Friends/Allies)
  • Edgar and Buck (Former Enemies/Allies)
  • Edgar and Luther Heggs (Enemies)
  • Edgar and C.W. Niles (Enemies)
  • Edgar and Ray Bob (Enemies)
  • Edgar and Jesus (Enemies/Jesus killed him)



  • Edgar
  • McGraw


  • Edgar, Earl, Seth, Richie and Kelly are the only characters that have been featured in other Tarantino/Rodriguez films, such as Planet Terror, Kill Bill and others.
  • He is the first McGraw child that is seen in the Tarantino/Rodriguez universe.
  • He is the second McGraw to be seen killed in the Tarantino/Rodriguez universe.


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