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The Dew Drop Inn is a motel Richie, Seth and the Fuller Family stayed in. 


There isn't much known about the Dew Drop Inn's history prior to the start of the series. 

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

In Mistress, the Gecko brothers check into the motel with their hostage, Monica Garza. They stay in room 106. Aware that they are being hunted and they need to stay low, they send away housekeeping. When Richie is left alone with Monica, he acts friendly towards her and even unties her. However when his visions return he looses his calm and he kills her in his signature style.

In Let's Get Rambling, Seth and Richie leave their room and they barge into the Fuller Family's room 207. They make the plan to take them hostage and use the RV to get across the border.


  • Mean Old Bastard
  • Mean Old Maid




  • Kate by the motel pool
  • Kate in the motel pool
  • Motel owner at the reception desk
  • Freddie in the room next door to the Fuller Family
  • Freddie in the room next door to the Fuller Family

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