Transcript for Season Three Episode Ten- Dark Side of the Sun

3x10 - Dark Side of the Sun

Written by: Ian Sobel & Matt Morgan, Directed by: Joe Menendez

Geckos' CarEdit

(Music is playing in the background. Seth and Richie are talking in the car.)

Seth: "We got one rent-a-cop just inside the door, another guarding the safe, and one wandering around like he gives a shit."

Richie: "I bet we only have to break one of their noses before the other two slide their pieces across the floor."

Seth: "Then do your thing."

Richie: "And what thing is that?"

Seth: "The thing where you crack the safe."

Richie: "Ah, right. I like that thing. So you ready?"

Seth: (he checks his watch) "Yep. Ready."

Richie: "Are we gonna say it?"

Seth: "Say what?" (Richie and Seth exchange glances) "Ah. Here's to getting rich and fat."

Richie: "And dyin' in the arms of a beautiful woman."


(Seth breaks open the door and sees Kate lying on the floor, bleeding to death, with her head laying on Scott. Seth runs in and Freddie, Billie and Margaret are sitting on one of the benches.)

Seth: "Jesus."

Scott: "She's barely got a pulse".

Seth: "Wait a second. Where...Where is she?" (Seth questions Freddie)

Freddie: "She took off. To the gate. Look, she's gonna open it if we don't stop her." (Seth bends down and tries to talk to Kate)


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