Dark Side of the Sun is the tenth episode of season three and the season finale. It is also the thirtieth episode of the series.


As Kate nears death, the team races to defeat Amaru and seal the gate to Xibalba.


With Amaru renewed in the flesh, the Gecko brothers and the remainder of the team race against a pending eclipse to defeat her and close gates to Xibalba. Richie is held captive by Amaru; Kate regains consciousness after briefly falling comatose; Carlos reveals he failed the ancient labyrinth at the Titty Twister and made a deal with Xibalba for power; and Santánico decides to confront and fight Amaru. Meanwhile, Gonzalez takes his family to the local hospital for medical treatment, only for them to find a possessed Dakota and staff; and the group, with Kate's help, finishes off Amaru and seals the gate of Xibalba. The Gecko brothers and Kate are then shown robbing a bank and a Ranger walks out of a ruined Xibalba gate to give Amaru's amulet to Ranger Gary Willet.


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  • This is the third season finale of the series.
  • Santánico and Amaru fought each other, with Amaru cancelling out Santánico's flight ability.
  • This was the first episode this season that Kate was not possessed by Amaru at all. She became free of the possession in Matanzas.


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