Chato was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter. He was an outlaw and was part of Johnny's gang.


There is nothing known about his early history.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

He is confronted by Johnny when Joaquin tells him that he's the new "jefe". He starts preparing for a standoff, and as they draw their guns, Johnny shoots him twice in the head and kills him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has short, somewhat spiky, black hair and light brown eyes. He has black sideburns, a stubble and a thin mustache. He wears a serious expression on his face and wore a black shirt with multiple gun bullets wrapped around his body.


He has a stern and serious expression, and he seems bold as he claimed he was the "jefe" with Johnny's execution being planned.



  • Chato is Native American and means "flat nose".[1]


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