Carlos Madrigal was a character who first appeared in the first episode of the first season and also a main character. He was a culebra and was leader of a cartel. He was turned by Santanico sometime in the early 1500s and became her lover. In 2014, his body parts were chopped apart by Richie, Seth, Santanico and Scott, Santanico later brings him back to help stop Queen Amaru.



Early 1900sEdit


Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

In Opening Night, Carlos is walking out an entrance with a crazy look and shaggy, long hair, and is also humming.

In In a Dark Time,

In Attack of the 50 Ft. Sex Machine, Carlos is seen walking into Seth's motel room and asking him where Richie and Santanico are. Seth tells him he doesn't know nor does he care, and he ends up shooting Carlos multiple times, but it does nothing. Seth runs and gets into the car with Sonja and drives off. Carlos is seen standing in the doorway of the motel room and looks with satisfaction.

In The Best Little Horror House in Texas, Carlos goes to Amancio to ask him about finding Santanico and is brushed twice by him. He is then grabbed by the throat and slammed on a table, and that he is no use anymore. Afterwards, Carlos heads towards Nathan Blanchard's place and watches all the girls that are on the stage. He sees Paloma and notices she dances just like Santanico. He buys all the girls and takes Paloma to a secret room, with music playing and dances with her. He throws her on the bed and she tells him that the goddess protects her, which leads him to ask her what she just said. He tells her she is a goddess and that she will be his forever, and Santanico comes in still disguised as Madame Diana and then slaps Paloma and tells her to get to the truck. Carlos tells her he knows who she is and transforms back into her true self. They talk and she then vamps out, ready to attack him. Instead, he fires multiple bullets at her and then incapacitates her with a bullet wound to the head, and carries her off through a door.

In Bondage,

In Bizarre Tales,

In Bring Me the Head of Santanico Pandemonium,

In The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko,

In There Will Be Blood,

In Santa Sangre,

Physical AppearanceEdit

Carlos stands about 5' 8" and often dresses in very ornate clothing, especially suits and suave jackets. He has sleek, black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. He appears to be of Hispanic descent. In his vampire form Carlos has scales around the face and chest area he also has steel teeth after ripping out his old ones.


Carlos has a calm exterior, but inside lies a greedy man that wants to rise up and be rich. He is shown to have a very serious temper when angered. Nonetheless, he can be calculating and manipulative, tricking others into doing his bidding. Moreover, his charm and wit often help him in situations where his life may be in danger, even outsmarting Ranger Gonzalez. On the whole, Carlos is dangerous, blessed with the physical qualities of a vampire and over 500 years of psychologically and emotionally influencing others.




  • Carlos
  • Madrigal



  • He is based off the character Carlos in the original film.


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