Ilhicamina, presently known as Burt, was a character who first appeared in the third episode of the third season. He was a Xibalban demon hunter who smokes more medical marijuana than he sells. He is also a fellow culebra and the former lover of Ximena Vasconcelos.


Burt is a legendary demon hunter who took down some of the Xibalban demons back in the day, he eventually gave up his demon hunting ways and was granted untouched land.

He at some point had a relationship with Ximena Vasconcelos which ended two centuries prior to the series.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In Protect and Serve,

In Shady Glen,

In Straightjacket,

In La Llorona,

In Matanzas,

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  • Tom Savini played the original Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn. He is the third actor from the film series to appear in the show, first being Robert Patrick and the second Danny Trejo.
  • His ancient name is Ilhicamina, and he’s a legendary slayer of Xibalban demons. Thanks to a particularly fragrant strain of Xibalban ganja, some of Burt’s talents have taken a hit in the past few hundred years. Still, he joins the Geckos and a new fight – and he’s ready to teach these toddlers a thing or two.

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